Hello Crimp

Mobile application to track your rock climbing logs wherever you are. Available for Android and IOS.

Main features of the application.

Home Page

Displays summary metrics and data visualization for your trainings, projects and goal.

Training Page

Calendar view of your trainings logs that can includes routes, boulders and workouts exercies.

Projects Page

Create detailed projects including notes and photos and organize them by locations.

Goals Page

Track your weekly goals and watch your progress every climbing sessions.

Additional customization available

  • The app also includes a Level system
  • Keep track of your Progress with the scatter plot chart
  • Contain highly configurable Settings options
  • Difficulty is color coded based on your hardest climb

App Screenshot Preview.

Frequently Asked Question.

For more questions feel free to send an email to the address listed on the app store.

Q How can I contribute to help this project?

Contact me and let me know how you could help. There is always plenty to do.

Q I want more features!

Me too :-) I will keep pushing updates as often as I can.

Q Will it be possible to have online features?

The more users the more it will make sense to build those. Share the app!

Q How do I get stronger?

Climb more! And track your sessions :D

Download Free the app, available for iOS and Android!